How much gram in a week should use birds nest is the best ?

In fact, many people think of nutritious bird nest, should eat as much as possible, but no harm. However, it is a misconception! Today, I will share about should eat bird nest in a week to good for health and economic savings.

For each different object will have different and change the amount of nest to suit. To know how much bird nest should be used in a week you need to rely on a variety of factors such as age, purpose, the use of bird nest as well as health. Therefore, you need to find out in detail to be able to offer a suitable use of bird nest.

For children

How much gram in a week should use birds nest is the best 1

Young children are the object of bird nest use because it has a very positive impact on the development of children. However, when you intend to use the bird’s nest, it is necessary to thoroughly study the information about the bird nest as well as consider the daily dose of bird’s nest. Thanks to that, you can build the use of bird nest for children scientifically and suitable for the age of the youngest.

For children from 0 to 12 months, the use of bird nest is not necessary because the body of the child can not yet absorb the abundant nutrients of the nest. In addition, the digestive system as well as the immune system is weak and not fully completed, the use of bird nest will cause many adverse effects on the health of children. In addition to some symptoms can be like: abdominal pain, constipation or go out when the children eat bird nest during this period will even hurt the digestive system of the child.

When children are from 1 to 3 years of age, the use of children’s nest is considered very good for the development of children in this stage. However, the dosage you should pay attention to only use ¼ cup and the amount of bird nest in the cup about 3gr. You can use the nest for 1-2 times a week. Besides, you also need to observe whether the child is suitable for the nutrient composition of the nest or not and if there is no problem you can increase the amount of bird nest gradually for children in later stages.

For adults

The use of bird nest in adults is usually divided into 3 phases to help supplement nutrients will not be redundant or missing. In the beginning period to use bird nest, you should eat about 3gr – 5gr of bird nest each time and maintain about 3 times a week. After 1 month of use you should reduce the frequency of use bird nest to 2 times per week. And from 3 months onwards you maintain the original bird nest diet.

With the proper use of bird nest as above, you will be supplemented with enough nutrients to keep your body healthy, healthy and resilient. Thanks to that you will always feel happy, happy in the work and improve the quality of life a lot.

Nest but very good but if you do not have a reasonable use mode will not achieve the desired effect. So you need to pay attention to the dose of bird nest should use the nest every week to be able to absorb the maximum nutrients from this natural food.

How much gram in a week should use birds nest is the best 2

For pregnant women

Pregnant women are often encouraged to use the nest after the first trimester of pregnancy to help maintain a healthy body and help the baby to grow better. Not only that, nutrients in the nest also help pregnant women increase resistance as well as reduce the feeling of fatigue.

For pregnant women should maintain regular use of about 3 times a week and should eat 3gr – 5gr swallow bird nest. Besides the method of swift, you can also combine some other nutritious foods to add to the appetite and add more nutrients.

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