The benefits of bird’s nest in supporting stomach pain

Bird's nest soup is one of the foods widely used in the royal family, mainly serving the king, swallow's nests with the quality of a drug, food, medicine, culinary and cultural essence. Salanganes'Nest help treat many diseases including stomach pain.

1. Causes of common stomach disease

According to statistics, about 100 people will have about 10 people with this disease, not exclude ages, including children. But if you understand the cause of the disease, you can prevent stomach aches more easily. The cause of stomach pain mainly due to 5 causes:

Use tobacco

When smoked, the toxins in it, primarily nicotine, promote the body to excrete the hydrochloric acid and pepsin, which directly erosion the gastric mucosa, inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandin, protect and restore the cornea, narrowing the blood vessels of the stomach, which in turn leads to damage to the protective layer. Nicotine also causes cholelin in the bile to flow out to the stomach to severely injured.

Diet is not scientific

The benefits of bird's nest in supporting stomach pain 1

Eating habits such as eating too fast, eating before bed, snacking, eating improperly, etc. can lead to stomach pain. Specifically:

– Eat too fast: The food is not crushed, the saliva in the oral cavity is not neutralized with food, this will increase the burden of stomach squeeze. In addition, at the time of ingestion, the stomach has not yet transmitted the signal to the brain and as a result, the fluid in the stomach is not secreted for digestion.

– Eat before bedtime: When the food is not fully digested you go to bed, the excess will break down and ferment in the stomach, this will lead to stomach and stomach aches.

– Snacking, using fast food: If you eat too much snacks, your stomach is always in a state of being inactive. This condition if prolonged stomach will cause fatigue, will gradually lead to stomach pain.

Eating incorrectly at meal times does not coincide with the time when the stomach will contract in the empty state, the amount of acid released will damage your body.


When we are in a state of constant fatigue, HCLs increase the excretion in the stomach, which makes the lining of the stomach more easily damaged, leading to stomach pain. This is one of the reasons why you have stomach pain.

HP bacteria

This is the main cause of stomach pain. As it lives in the gastric mucosa, chronic gastritis caused by this bacterium can cause gastric mucositis to be impaired. Thus, the ability of acid secretion is reduced, resulting in the phenomenon of intestinal mucosa. to the risk of gastric cancer in the stomach.

Use alcohol, alcohol

Alcohol in alcohol is extremely harmful to the stomach. It will destroy the mucus that protects the lining of the stomach. In addition, alcohol after a process will convert to acetaldehyde, when this substance is too much in the body it can not be metabolized to acetate, thereby causing liver damage. According to the chain, when the liver is damaged, digestion is poorer, stomach also less so every day.

2. Bird’s nest remedy causes due to bad habits cause stomach pain

The benefits of bird's nest in supporting stomach pain 2

Edible bird nest helps to overcome stomach disease

Swallow’s nests for people with gastric disease are recommended by many nutrition experts. In addition to the ability to provide great energy source thanks to a series of nutrients such as 18 amino acids, 30 special substances and 7 essential sugar, Salanganes’ nests directly affect the repair of tissues. With the presence of Leucin, Salanganes nests support the growth and healing of wounds, ulcers in the stomach.

Swallow nests quickly pain effectively

In addition, in the nest, nutrients in combination with Threonine effective treatment for intestinal disorders, indigestion, anti-ulcer help you have a good appetite and quickly regain lost health after The process of suffering from stomach ailment. After long periods of bad appetite and constant pain, the person suffering from stomach illness is often very weak, tired and depressed. Therefore, under the influence of precious nutrients, Salanganes’Nest good for stomach disease and recommended by many nutritionists.

Swallow nests stimulate digestion, enhance taste

Just about 4.5% of the Salanganes’Nest but Phenylalanine is very decisive to taste. Thanks to this substance, the body produces a lot of gastric juice that makes you feel appetite and eat more delicious.

Combined with Histidine is able to stimulate digestion, causing the stomach to contract better, helping the body nutrients receive more and more secure. Therefore, after using the swallow’s nests for the sick with stomach disease, many people have achieved a surprising recovery in terms of health as well as mental comfort.

As such, Salanganes’Nest has many uses with gastritis, it not only helps improve the condition, quick analgesic effect but also nourishes the body healthy patients always.

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