The benefits of Bird’s Nest with the elderly

Salanganes'Nest is one of the nutrient nutrients quarterly contains many nutrients beneficial to the health of the user. Especially for the elderly nest Salanganes'n also bring many wonderful uses to support, restore health.

1. 5 The use of bird’s nests for the elderly

 – The best source of nutrition for the elderly:

Salanganes’Nest contains more than 50% non protein fat, so when the elderly use Salanganes’Nest will ensure the nutritional content of the body.

– Improve health and vitality:

Salanganes not only have 18 amino acids but also rich in Proline (5.27%), Aspartic Acid (4.69%), many valuable elements such as Ca, Fe, Mn, Br, Cu, Zn, Cr …, help digestion better , increase the red blood cells, stimulate the growth of cells, repair damaged cells. So, Salanganes’Nest particularly good for the elderly, the patient used to restore and restore health. Swallow’s nests are good for those who are in the process of disease, resistance is reduced, poor digestion, memory decline …

– Stimulate the taste of the elderly:

Salanganes help elderly people are stimulating the taste buds, have a feeling of eating more delicious.

– Reduce osteoarthritis:

Salanganes nests help to supplement calcium for the body, help reduce arthritis, help to fight the aging. Older people are less active than younger people due to the declining of the joint organs. Therefore, to improve the condition, the elderly should use the soup of the day.

– Support the cancer treatment process:

Salanganes’n contains important and important antioxidant nutrients so it supports the patient in the process of cancer treatment very well.

The benefits of Bird's Nest with the elderly

2. Is bird’s nest good for the elderly?

It can be said that swift nests suitable for all ages, bird nests are good for everyone’s health, so with the elderly is no exception. Bird’s nests are good for the health of the elderly.

With the benefits mentioned above, you certainly have a better understanding of the effect of bird’s nest with the elderly. In addition to the elderly use Salanganes’Nest, you should also have a diet necessary for the elderly because in old age, there are many aging organs and greatly reduced, to prevent diseases. In older people, it is advisable for older people to eat foods that are easy to digest, easy to digest but still sufficiently protein-free but not too heavy for the digestive system. Older people should limit their meat intake, increase their fish intake because fish are more prone to protein, easier to digest, less sulfur gas than meat, and they have high levels of unsaturated fatty acids. In addition, the processing of this dish must limit fried, fried because of high fat.

3. The dose of swallow’s nests for the elderly

Bird nest contains trace elements necessary to nourish the elderly. Salanganes are rich in calcium and iron, which are good for nerve and memory such as manganese, bromine, copper and zinc. There is also the element of digestive stimulation such as chromium, … For the elderly to be clear and have good sleep, …

– The first month: 1 cup per day, eat every day.

– 2nd month: 1 cup daily, eat every 2 days.

– 3rd month: 1 cup every day, eat every 3 days.

4. Note when using bird’s nests

– The most effective way to use Salanganes’Nest is by the simplest method of processing, which is: “Yen sting sugar”.

– Eating the best oats is the night before going to bed because the evening, when sleeping for about an hour, the concentration of hormone growth is very high, then if more raw materials provided by food will make The body utilizes the best to grow.

– Regular use of bird’s nest with the best effect. Should be used daily or on a regular basis of enough swallow instead of occasionally use a large amount of bird’s nest.

– The best way to cook a bird’s nest is because it will keep the nutrients of the nest. No matter what you cook, it is best to mix the dish and noodle.

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